Long lost family

I was working at the public service desk at my library today and a mother and young son walked up to hand in a Summer Reading form. I took the form like I took the 30 others that morning and then looked down at his name.

“There’s no way your last name is really Moffett,” I said.

“What? ” the mom asked, “Why?”

“Because that’s my last name, too,” I replied. 

The mom looked at me wth a touch of skepticism. “Spelled the same way?”

“Spelled the right way,”  I replied.

We chatted briefly, and I found out they recently moved to the area. She didn’t know much about the family history, so I asked her to mention it to her husband and let him know I’d love to share Moffett family lore if he wanted to. Chances are slim we’re directly related, but you never know.

While not uncommon, the name Moffett is not so common around here that I meet very many who carry it. I went to high school with a brother and sister with the last name of Moffett, and        right after college I worked at an art musuem led by a Moffett. But if I discount Scottish heritage events and my own immediate family I don’t think I’ve met any others since 1998. Whether or not anything comes from today’s meeting doesn’t matter—it was just exciting for me to make that little connection today in my own library.

Spero Meliora