Surprising Sources

I’ve been slowly working on a post about land records, but I can’t help but share a very different tidbit first.

Labor Day weekend my wife and I were looking for things to do, and she remembered the Virginia Scottish Games were taking place in The Plains, Virginia. It was a beautiful, cool day—-very unusual for early September in Virginia—and we decided to take full advantage. 

Along with all the vendors, the sword fighting demos and long parades of Scottish Terriers, there was an area of booths representing different Scottish Clans. Moffat, much to my surprsie, was represented there. 

I met some kind folks there who shared some tidbits about life in Scotland many centuries ago. I’ve been so focused on the piece of my immediate family that I haven’t read much about the pre-USA days. They shared some details about the hard life of the Reivers and told me a little more about the connection to Clan Stewart. Our own tartan is based loosley on the Stewart Black tartan and was designed that way to show allegiance Clan Moffat had towards Clan Stewart.

One of the guys there pointed me to the books of Alistair Moffat, a journalist and author who’s written a good number of books about the history of Scotland, particularly of the various Reiver clans like the Moffats. Just goes to show you never know when you’ll stumble across a great resource. Sometimes it’s deep in the stacks of a library while others can come in a field on a nice, cool September day.

Spero Meliora


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